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Midwest Wire Products is a USA full-service steel and wire mesh provider of a variety of standard material handling carts, containers and display racks. In addition to our off the rack products, we also provide custom solutions to meet your requirements.

Our team brings 52 years of service to the industry, and we offer expertise in all metals to include aluminum and steel as well as other wire mesh products. Our designs are innovative and our workmanship is exceptional.

Most of all, our solutions are customer driven which is also why we have learned to integrate features at an affordable price not found with other carts. We are here to provide solutions for you, and your satisfaction is our goal. Whether it’s something as simple as packaging solutions or a larger project that requires precision sheet metal fabrication, Midwest Wire has the solutions and team of global partners to meet your needs. Beyond our 110,000 square foot Indiana-based warehouse, we are members of an Alliance of other trusted global manufacturers—so our reach is further than you could even imagine. Our capabilities are limitless, and our solutions are always driven by your requirements that demand quality, customer service and on time deliveries.

Your Requirements — Our Proven Solutions